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Want to have fun learning a new language?

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Parlez-vous anglais? Souhaitez-vous communiquer en anglais? Nous offrons un cours de conversation oral en anglais à distance.

Do you speak English? Do you wish to communicate in English? We offer a conversational English course online.

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We tutor school/college/university students. We also offer lessons for adults or children who want to learn or refresh their learning by offering customized courses that are tailor-made to their needs.

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I have nothing but praises for my professor, Miss Rachel.
She was my teacher when I was in pre-university college, around 10 years back.
I remember her as a person who had in-depth knowledge of her subject. She made learning fun yet at the same time was stern and was very disciplined.
She had immense patience in clearing all our doubts, n number of times. She has been my favourite teacher till date.
I would say, if you are looking to really deep dive into learning French, Rachel is the go-to person. Bonne Chance!
Sisira Ann George

The mediocre teacher tells, the good teacher explains, the superior teacher demonstrates but only the great ones inspire.

This is the kind of impact that Rachel had on me when I met her and she became my teacher and mentor. It didn’t pertain only to the learning of French as a language but to indulge in an experience that I might not have had elsewhere. It has been over 8 years when I met Rachel and we are still in touch and we share our experiences and support each other whenever we can.

Today I can proudly say that what I am, and what I have become, a great part of motivation and support without which I could not have accomplished my passion, came from Rachel.

Anuj Sanghi ( Le Cordon Bleu, Victoria, Australia)

Ten years ago, I had the privilege of Rachel Solomon being my French teacher.

Learning a new language is no easy task, but Miss Rachel taught with ease and had a way of making complex concepts very easy, which helped me learn the basics.

She was super patient with me and encouraged me consistently and would go the extra mile by taking additional classes to make me understand the language better. I couldn’t have asked for a better teacher.

She made me feel comfortable and confident, and I still remember everything she taught.

Maria Natasha (now working professional)

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