Bienvenue à Paris, les filles sont si jolies
Welcome to the city we’re glad to know you’re here
Bienvenue à Paris la fête n’est pas finie
Welcome to the city it’s nice to see you here


Bienvenue à Paris is a very interesting song that was released in 1987 by the band Bill Baxter collaborating with Tippa Irie.

The band members of Bill Baxter were Joe Cool, Louis Primo and Bo Gesture.

The song welcomes you to Paris and takes you on a little tour and mentions some very interesting sites from Champs-Elysées to the Tour Eiffel. And we also hear mentions of things that we truly associate with Paris from bread dipped in butter, the French cancan, the French taxi to Cartier jewellery.

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A super friendly and super peppy number that takes you to Paris and back and encourages you to visit the city.