Portez un masque! Wear a mask!

Prenez soin de vous! Take care of yourself!

S’il vous plait, restez chez vous! Please stay home! ( This is definitely useful when you are in lockdown)

Garder une distance de sécurité avec les autres( Maintain social distance)

Se laver les mains régulièrement! Wash your hands regularly!

Êtes- vous vaccine contre la Covid-19? Are you vaccinated against Covid-19?

Utilisez le gel hydroalcoolique! Use the hand Sanitizer!

Dites bonjour sans se serrer la main! Say hello without shaking hands!

En cas de toux ou d’eternouement, couvrez-vous la bouche et le nez avec le pli du coude ! In case of a cough or sneezing, cover your mouth with the fold of the elbow

Connaît tout l’éventail des symptômes de la Covid-19! Know all the symptoms of Covid-19

Sound familiar? We have been hearing these warnings and advice since we were hit with the pandemic.

The pandemic certainly paralyzed the whole world.

This unexpected virus turned our world upside down.

Endless death and loss of life made us realize that we need to value what we have be thankful for it.

It also made us seriously evaluate new options of living and doing things.

Work culture went online. Schools and classes went online.

Thank goodness for the internet!

People started to embrace and cherish the little moments and things.

But with all this let us not forget to be cautious and continue to stay safe.