On prend l'café au lait au lit
Avec des gâteaux et des croissants chauds
                  Pierre Dudan

The lyrics from the refrain of a French song.

Does it evoke a desire to be sitting at a French café drinking cafe au lait?

Ah! Café. For those of you who are coffee lovers, this is the dream!

For those of you who don’t know the difference between café au lait and white coffee,  let me enlighten you. Café au lait is prepared by adding hot milk. White coffee is prepared by adding cold milk.

For those of you who like facts, Café au lait is originally French. There are apparently variations of it around the world.

Enjoy your café au lait!

This post is dedicated to mon amour, John Luker who loves his café.  He is the founder and owner of NextGen Technologies. He lives in the fantastic city of Melbourne, Australia.
He enjoys blogging, design, reading & photography and loves to share his thoughts online with like-minded readers. He also has a personal blog called Eat Luv Live

Featured Image by John Luker