La cuisine outre mer

La cuisine outre mer

To experience French gastronomy, do not limit yourselves to cuisine of the mainland alone. Permit yourselves to delight in the rich and exotic flavors found in the cuisine of Outre-Mer( Overseas France).

One can say that the cuisine of Outre-Mer is eclectic. Caribbean, European, Indian, African and Asian influences are found in their recipes.

Image by Tyrell James from Unsplash

Boudins, accras, canard à la vanilla, bouillon d’awara, and poison cru are just a few well knows dishes that you simply must taste when you get an opportunity.

The food of Outre-Mer will certainly give you a gastronomical experience worth trying.

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The Louvre for me is a wonderful experience. Because it continues; it didn’t get cut off. It was actually a continuous involvement all the way, and a lot of people have come and gone, come and gone; but I’m still here.

I. M. Pei

I simply have to agree! Visiting the Louvre is an experience.

The Louvre is a museum of art. It is located in Paris,France.

Did you know that the Louvre is over a 200 years old and was once a fortress?

The beautiful glass pyramid we see in photos depicting the Louvre was built much later in 1988. This structure is a landmark.

The museum displays different forms of art and many ancient antiquities as well. There are 35,000 art work and over 350,000 objects on display.

There is so much to see that I would think you would need more than a day to actually explore and experience all that it has to offer you.

The Louvre is also famous for the Mona Lisa, a painting by Leonardo da Vinci.

Mona Lisa

The Louvre experience makes you have a whole new appreciation for art. Here is a lovely quote that describes how Susan Vreeland feels after having visited the Louvre.

Coming out of the Louvre for the first time in 1971, dizzy with new love, I stood on Pont Neuf and made a pledge to myself that the art of this newly discovered world in the Old World would be my life companion.

Susan Vreeland

Café au lait

Café au lait

On prend l'café au lait au lit
Avec des gâteaux et des croissants chauds
                  Pierre Dudan

The lyrics from the refrain of a French song.

Does it evoke a desire to be sitting at a French café drinking cafe au lait?

Ah! Café. For those of you who are coffee lovers, this is the dream!

For those of you who don’t know the difference between café au lait and white coffee,  let me enlighten you. Café au lait is prepared by adding hot milk. White coffee is prepared by adding cold milk.

For those of you who like facts, Café au lait is originally French. There are apparently variations of it around the world.

Enjoy your café au lait!

This post is dedicated to mon amour, John Luker who loves his café.  He is the founder and owner of NextGen Technologies. He lives in the fantastic city of Melbourne, Australia.
He enjoys blogging, design, reading & photography and loves to share his thoughts online with like-minded readers. He also has a personal blog called Eat Luv Live

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Covid 19

Portez un masque! Wear a mask!

Prenez soin de vous! Take care of yourself!

S’il vous plait, restez chez vous! Please stay home! ( This is definitely useful when you are in lockdown)

Garder une distance de sécurité avec les autres( Maintain social distance)

Se laver les mains régulièrement! Wash your hands regularly!

Êtes- vous vaccine contre la Covid-19? Are you vaccinated against Covid-19?

Utilisez le gel hydroalcoolique! Use the hand Sanitizer!

Dites bonjour sans se serrer la main! Say hello without shaking hands!

En cas de toux ou d’eternouement, couvrez-vous la bouche et le nez avec le pli du coude ! In case of a cough or sneezing, cover your mouth with the fold of the elbow

Connaît tout l’éventail des symptômes de la Covid-19! Know all the symptoms of Covid-19

Sound familiar? We have been hearing these warnings and advice since we were hit with the pandemic.

The pandemic certainly paralyzed the whole world.

This unexpected virus turned our world upside down.

Endless death and loss of life made us realize that we need to value what we have be thankful for it.

It also made us seriously evaluate new options of living and doing things.

Work culture went online. Schools and classes went online.

Thank goodness for the internet!

People started to embrace and cherish the little moments and things.

But with all this let us not forget to be cautious and continue to stay safe.



Ah! A croissant!

That simply delicious flaky cresent shaped pastry made with butter…

I don’t know who doesn’t love a good croissant. For breakfast , lunch or just a munch.

One word association for French will immediately bring to mind the croissant.

Did you know that the croissant is not really a french invented bread?

History reveals that this pastry originated in Austria but the French adopted is as their own by tweaking the recipe and making it with puffed pastry.

I don’t want to begin a debate on it’s origins.

Let’s all agree to simply enjoy this tasty pastry and make a mental toast to whoever first made the croissant. Compliments to the chef!

Featured image par pexels de Pixabay