Customized Packages

  1. Basic: In the basic course Voila Français will cover the first stage of introduction to the language. You will gain a very basic knowledge that will also enable you to communicate in simple ways.
  2. Elementary: Elementary is the step up from Basic. Here Voila Français will enable you to continue to explore the basic linguistic skills and you will be able to communicate in a simple way about everyday life.
  3. Intermediate:  At this level, Voila Français will teach you to learn to communicate and discuss from knowledge gained in this level.
  • Custom: Voila Français is also offering two customized packages
  • The first customized package is to tutor you to attempt the DELF* exams.(Please note the Disclaimer)
  • The second customized package is for professionals and language lovers who are traveling to French speaking countries. Note: The minimum number of classes for this course is 36 hours. An intensive course for the same can also be offered.